Cardura (Doxazosin mesylate)
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Product description: Cardura is an alpha blocker which is used to treat hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia by relaxing the blood vessels, the muscles of the prostate and bladder.
Active Ingredient: Doxazosin mesylate
Cardura as known as: Doximax neo, Doxa-puren, Xidor, Cardoral, Diblocin, Prostatic, Dalgen, Kazmarin, Carduran, Doxazosine, Platox m, Dorbantil, Doksazosin, Doxatan, Noradox, Doxatensa, Doksazosyna, Dedralen, Cardenalin, Tonocardin, Doxacor, Donashin, Alfadil, Doxazon, Apo-doxan, Doxazin, Cardox, Dophilin, Magurol, Alflosin, Doxicard, Doxacar, Doxazosina, Doxaloc, Vaxosin, Doxel, Cardular, Duracard, Ascalan, Doxagal, Carsem, Doxazosinum, Genzosin, Artezine, Cardosin retard, Atensil, Unoprost, Doxaben, Pencor, Uriduct, Jutalar, Kardozin, Doxaratio, Doxagamma, Doxacard, Doxalek, Tonogen, Zoflux, Progandol, Vazosin, Alfadoxin, Maguran, Kamiren, Doxasin, Doxalfa, Doxazoflo, Zoxon, Dozone, Zoxan, Prostadilat, Prodil, Doksura, Supressin, Calmesosyn, Doxa xl, Doxamax, Dozozin, Benur, Doxonex, Doxapress, Prostazosina, Carbadogen, Windoxa, Cardonan, Alfamedin, Cademesin, Doxolbran, Doxanorm, Doxane, Normothen, Tendura, Cardugen, Doxagen, Dosabin, Hibadren, Dozasin, Cadex, Tatsuzosin, Kinxaben, Dosan, Doxar, Alphapres

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